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Yarn bombing in Portishead

I witnessed Yarn bombing first hand on this morning’s trip to the post office with a coffee in one hand and my grandmother’s Shih Tzu in the other. As I was leaving the post office, I could see three elderly ladies congregated around a lamppost gazing at it in awe…

What is Yarn bombing? Yarn bombing or ‘yarnstorming’ originated in the U.S. around 7 years ago and has since crept its way to the UK. Yarn bombing is the act of brightening up local communities via knitting. Guerilla knitters all over the world have taken their knitting and crochets to the streets in order to give their neighbourhoods a sense of quirky individuality.  

This innovative creation got me thinking… Why not take advantage of this graffiti knitting epidemic and use this as a direct form of advertising to send positive messages to IMG_2751people? For one of my university modules my assignment is to create a public health campaign targeted at over 50’s to raise awareness of the risks of alcohol consumption… If we can utilise this urban art and incorporate significant messages within it to persuade middle aged/elderly people to pick up their knitting needles and put down their brandy bottles and create a sense of unity within the community then I think we have found the basis for our public health campaign.

The end result of this campaign will (hopefully) change behavior, so let’s take it a step further than coated lampposts and pleasing material aesthetics on inanimate objects and complement it with optimistic messages to grasp the attention of the public!

To find out more about yarn bombing or to get involved, visit:

Let’s begin with an analogy…

Today is World Vegetarian Day (hooray!) and as a newly confessed veggie I’m going to share with you a little thought that kicked me out of meat eating and into the world of vegetarianism…

Let’s begin with an analogy; picture the universe – massive right? Now think about the billions and trillions of planets just floating around in space right now… Imagine each planet as a singular room inside a colossal mansion. The universe is our home, a gigantic mansion. The world we live on, ‘Earth’, is just another one of the trillion rooms inside this home.

Us humans would most likely see ‘our’ planet as a lounge or living room. However, I think other (potential) life forms watching over us may see it a little differently… Already this year 3.1-billion land animals have been killed in the U.S. to cater to the high demand within meat industry! (If only chocolate was made from piglets, perhaps I wouldn’t be so inclined to inhale so much.)IMG_2542

All jokes aside, it seems bizarre to me that the general social norm on this planet is to shovel dead beings into our bodies – simply because we’re told that this is where we will get some of our nutrients from. I find myself questioning what ‘aliens’ would think of us… Perhaps they’d see our planet as the broken bathroom; a parasite-ridden space simply due to the fact that we slaughter aimlessly for our own needless benefit.

I must admit this sudden U-turn in my ‘usual’ thought process didn’t occur by witnessing some dramatic and bloody experience involving Bambi and a hateful hunter. I was having lunch at Edna’s (vegan) Kitchen in Bristol and overheard a man discussing vegetarianism with one of the waitresses “I don’t walk into a shop and see food anymore, I see chopped up pieces of corpse.”  Which must have been the eureka moment for me because I haven’t touched meat since!

So maybe switch up your diet a little this week, try a vegetarian recipe; swap the bacon sarnie for a guilt-free halloumi wrap!