Let’s begin with an analogy…

Today is World Vegetarian Day (hooray!) and as a newly confessed veggie I’m going to share with you a little thought that kicked me out of meat eating and into the world of vegetarianism…

Let’s begin with an analogy; picture the universe – massive right? Now think about the billions and trillions of planets just floating around in space right now… Imagine each planet as a singular room inside a colossal mansion. The universe is our home, a gigantic mansion. The world we live on, ‘Earth’, is just another one of the trillion rooms inside this home.

Us humans would most likely see ‘our’ planet as a lounge or living room. However, I think other (potential) life forms watching over us may see it a little differently… Already this year 3.1-billion land animals have been killed in the U.S. to cater to the high demand within meat industry! (If only chocolate was made from piglets, perhaps I wouldn’t be so inclined to inhale so much.)IMG_2542

All jokes aside, it seems bizarre to me that the general social norm on this planet is to shovel dead beings into our bodies – simply because we’re told that this is where we will get some of our nutrients from. I find myself questioning what ‘aliens’ would think of us… Perhaps they’d see our planet as the broken bathroom; a parasite-ridden space simply due to the fact that we slaughter aimlessly for our own needless benefit.

I must admit this sudden U-turn in my ‘usual’ thought process didn’t occur by witnessing some dramatic and bloody experience involving Bambi and a hateful hunter. I was having lunch at Edna’s (vegan) Kitchen in Bristol and overheard a man discussing vegetarianism with one of the waitresses “I don’t walk into a shop and see food anymore, I see chopped up pieces of corpse.”  Which must have been the eureka moment for me because I haven’t touched meat since!

So maybe switch up your diet a little this week, try a vegetarian recipe; swap the bacon sarnie for a guilt-free halloumi wrap!


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