This year so far…

2015 has seen Queen Lizzy winning the title of Britain’s longest reigning monarch, Madonna grew wings at the Brits and more recently, John Lewis reduced the country to tears.

This year, my Public Relations class at UWE have been lucky enough to be invited to talks held by established PR practitioners, review PR related books and create our own blogs.

Collectively, we have created a list of our own highlights from this academic year so far;

For me, this year has flown by… My most memorable moment of 2015 so far has to be making it onto Behindthespin’s #BestPRBlogs weekly contest.

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Rebecca Bateson “Learning new features for twitter has been a highlight because it has opened up a whole new world of social media. It has allowed me to have conversations with professionals I previously never would have been able to have. Putting me one step closer to future employers”

Oliver Miller: “For me, changing universities has been my highlight because it’s been great to meet new people and begin my journey learning about PR practices.”

Liam Bettinson: Liam has chosen blogging as his highlight from 2015. “Your watershed lecture ‘How to get on in PR’ assured me that PR was the career I wanted to follow. So, I became more focused on a PR’s greatest possession – their blog.”


Abi Bunce: “Sarah Pinch’s talk at the Watershed has inspired the next step of my career”


Hugo Gerwat: “I chose this moment because it was a turning point for me and probably marked my first step as a PR practitioner. The journey’s not over and I’m learning more and more about new media everyday, and I now understand the importance of this media, which I didn’t before.”

We are all looking forward to continuing our blogging journeys throughout the Christmas period and creating new highlights in 2016.

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