5 ways to diminish deadline stress

It’s December 8th and with my deadlines fast approaching I’m beginning to feel ever so sliiiiightly restless in regard to my assignments.

Here’s a list I’ve made for those of you struggling with your own deadline doomsdays;

  1.  Balance  

It really does help if you balance out your work throughout the semester/term. As soon as you get an assignment your first thought should be to plan, plan, plan!

Even if you’re just occasionally jotting down a few sentences or ideas/concepts that are relevant to your topic – it’ll help you heaps in the long run.

I have the memory of a goldfish, so if you’re anything like me, unless it’s written down in your notes, by the time it comes to actually writing said essay you’ll have forgotten 98.6% of the relevant concepts. (See pic below of Natalia’s sound example of perfect PR preparation).

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 17.46.42

2.  Think Blue

When you’re in a class or lecture, always write down the important stuff in BLUE ink. Studies suggest that the human brain is more capable of remembering a higher capacity of information when it’s written in blue.

3. “A tidy room is a tidy mind” 

–This is so true. I promise you that if you take 30 minutes out of your day to tidy your room or the area you’re working in, you’ll find it easier to write.

Getting rid of clutter is a good place to start. This doesn’t mean throwing away your summer clothes just because it’s winter, but try to be a bit brutal when it comes to chucking things that you clearly don’t need or will never use again.

4. Herbal remedies 

Please try not to stress! Even if you’ve left your work until the 11th hour, stress isn’t going to help you. Perhaps the adrenaline of stressing will enable you to pull an all-nighter, however the work you produce in this linguistic pool party is unlikely to be your best.

There are many herbal remedies out there, ones that work for me are St. John’s Wort, camomile tea or even 10 minutes of meditation as they can bring stress levels down and improve productivity.


If you do find yourself stressing, taking a few deep breaths. Allow yourself 30 minutes to go back through any notes you’ve made and create an essay structure before you start writing.

5. If all else fails, try something different… Bake a cake!

If you’re really not in the right frame of mind to be writing academic essays, take yourself to the closest kitchen and bake to your hearts content. Personally, I would recommend indulging in some form of chocolate cake because it’s always comforting and stimulates the release of endorphins!

P.S. If the guilt of excessive self indulgence kicks in after No. 5., perhaps pulling out some trainers and taking yourself to the gym will mask the shame.


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