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When I started my degree in Journalism and Public Relations my hope was to accomplish a more defined understanding of what specific sector I wanted to be a part of and what certain job role I wanted to work towards obtaining. However, I’m relieved that the exact opposite has happened. From studying PR I’ve begun to understand that all communications industries work closely together, every single module that I’ve studied, I have thoroughly enjoyed. So, instead of narrowing my search, my studies have actually broadened it, which has given me such an array of options and an open mind as I continue my second year and go on into my third.

Through my studies, I’ve realised that my primary preferred learning style is visual, with verbal as a secondary style. Using graphs, charts and videos when it comes to studying definitely embeds key findings into my head and creating infographics has also been useful to me. I have found myself using verbal learning styles when it comes to academic writing. Making voice recordings of summarised notes ensures that what I will write is firstly, coherent, and secondly, makes sense. *Unpopular opinion alert* I also find that listening to music whilst I’m writing really does help get my ideas onto paper. (Perhaps it’s because I’m a Gemini – we tend to have difficulty sitting still).

Working socially in groups this year has been an eye-opener for me. One of my modules this year was Exploring Creative Advertising Processes and the ideas that we were able to bounce off each other resulted in us coming up with a sound campaign, one that our lecturer felt she “could see working as an actual campaign.” Perhaps I was lucky with my group in that we were all determined to succeed in that module and the topic was one that we all found quite fascinating, nonetheless I would love to do more group work in the future as a result of this.

I’ve learned that you always have to keep an open mind when you’re learning about or working within any form of communication sector as these industries are constantly adapting (or at least they should be) in order to mimic the continual adaptation of human communication.

I’ve always enjoyed reading and writing. The subject I excelled most at in school was English Literature, so I’ve been surprised to find that my biggest challenge has been finding subjects to write about on my blog. In the coming months I will be pushing myself to write more frequently about subjects that force me out of my comfort zone. Don’t be shocked to see a few car crash experiments on here in the not-so-distant future… *kidding*


My new years resolution for 2016 in relation to my degree and my personal development, is to learn more about Events PR and gain further practical experience in PR. I have arranged a short internship with The Happy Grass Company where I will be managing their social media accounts with the possibility of running a digital media campaign mid-2016 that I have already pitched to them. My hope is that this opportunity will help turn theory into practice as I continue studying this kaleidoscopic filed.

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