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I’ve said it many times before… PR is a kaleidoscopic field which is under constant change. Due to this, it’s so important for people with an interest in PR, or working within the industry to stay up-to-date on current trends and issues within the sector from a range of different voices.

Why is reading other people’s work important? I think this question applies particularly to students. It’s important to remember that we can all learn from one another and help each other build new ideas, concepts and theories. Although this may be surprising to some, I firmly believe that student blogs are just as insightful and useful as professional ones. You’re provided with fresh interpretation when you read a blog post that has been written by a student. The interpretation is sometimes that of an experimental one and mistakes can be made, but isn’t all of this is part of the learning process?

Here’s a list of my favourite PR blogs I read regularly and recommend to those of you looking to expand your reading list:

  1. Spin Sucks
  2. PR Daily
  3. PR Week
  4. PRgirlinaprworld
  5. LivelaughlovePR
  6. Behindthespin
  7. PRexamples
  8. Theprgirl
  9. NatsPRscribbles
  10. PRprointraining

The one piece of advice I would give to people contemplating a career in PR is to read as much as you can. Add five blogs to your reading list and have a read through them when you have a few spare minutes. You’ll be surprised just how much content you can get through when you’re waiting for your pasta to boil, sitting on the train or looking after your nightmare siblings.

3 thoughts on “A PR reading list: my favourite blogs

  1. Richard Bailey

    Thanks for including Behind the Spin. (NB I brought forward this week’s selection because of the holiday weekend, but your post will be considered for next week’s selection instead.)

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