Monthly Archives: June 2016

Hello again England!

So, it was my 21st Birthday last month (May) and I decided to flee the UK for pretty much the entirety of my birthday month (your 21st really is the best excuse for excessive holidays!) Just thought I’d share some of my holiday pics!

I began in New York visiting family and had the best time ever. Yes, I did the touristy stuff so apologies in advance for the below pictures that you’ve seen a thousand times before:

IMG_9912 IMG_9917

I also toured Yale which was amazing – such a beautiful university and they have a FroYo literally just across the road:


After just over 2 weeks in NYC, I spent my birthday in Venice which is by far the most beautiful city I have ever been to. If you ever find yourself there you must take part in a ‘Secret Venice’ walking tour because you learn so much that you’d never even consider by visiting the typical tourist attractions (which are amazing too)!



IMG_1279 IMG_1297 IMG_1114

I’m a huge Vivaldi fan so dragging mothership to 3 performances was magic for me – perhaps not for mum who doesn’t tend to stray too far from Jack Johnson or Coldplay. On that note – now that I’ve broken my one picture per post’ rule, I’ll leave you with one last moment from my favourite Paganini performance!