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Spin Sucks, but this book doesn’t…

Gini Deitrich (@ginidietrich) Founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich and author of ‘Spin Sucks’ has created this communications guide, which teaches us a valuable lesson in how to earn trust, rather than fall into the trap of manipulating it. In Deitrichs’ own words “this book is written for business leaders who need to better understand how the industry is changing.” ‘Spin Sucks’ educates readers on the motion that by preparing for a marathon, rather than a sprint and working ethically within the guidelines of Google, your organisation can build and maintain a powerful online presence with an immaculate reputation.

'Spin Sucks' by Gini Dietrich

‘Spin Sucks’ by Gini Dietrich

Along with instructing us on what to do, we are also informed on what no to do. The book serves as a warning to those who are perhaps motivated to spin the truth rather than in earning trust with consumers. “Lie or spin the truth, and you will be found out. People will take you to task. Your organisation will suffer from decreased sales, lower stock prices, and a tarnished reputation.” Within the pages of this short book you will find enough examples of bad spin, that even an inkling of temptation to practice ‘black hat’ PR, will soon be diminished. Dietrich’s ‘how to’ style will permit you to identify tools enabling you to communicate ethically with your intended audiences.

What I really loved about reading ‘Spin Sucks’ was that it was educational but also pleasurable! I’m grateful that it was recommended to me since it’s definitely one that anybody starting a career in communications (or even contemplating one) should read. ‘Spin Sucks’ is littered with insightful tricks and helpful tools for business owners and people within the communications industry.

Chapter Two is dedicated to Google. As the reader, we are well in formed of the history of communications. “Technology has allowed us to better understand our aucience.” Dietrich enlightens us on the technical workings of Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithms. The importance of understanding how search engines work is explained in such a way that you don’t have to spend hours reading scholarly articles searching for ways to execute your work to follow “white hat” standards rather than fall into dark arts trap of unethical “black hat” manipulation.


Perhaps the core message I took from reading this book is that the future for PR is also one that stretches across all communications sectors. We all need take on a “marathon mentality” by creating strong content and being able to change and adapt to new situations and discover and utilise new technologies relative to the time. This isn’t a book of philosophies, we are refreshingly provided with practical advice.

My only criticism of this book is that it’s only 146 pages long. Great for business leaders who need a quick read with snappy advice, but actually I was disappointed when it came to an end. I wanted to read more of this fresh information, so much so that I subscribed to Gini’s blog, also named ‘Spin Sucks.’

You should absolutely join me in subscribing to Spin Sucks and connect with the other 41,000 subscribers. Not only is there regular content uploaded, it’s also so relevant to current issues and the future of marketing and PR. The blog shares the key themes that lay within the book and if you’re worried about being thrown in at the deep end, then you shouldn’t be. Both the book and blog are really useful tools for students studying communications.

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