Using Two Way Radio Communication.

Communication is vital in all business entity’s. Good communication leads to a thriving business as information is passed from one individual to another as it should and that’s make it easy for the person receiving the information to act as required thereby improving the status of the given business entity. Many of the latest business entity use the email platform to communicate with the clients and also with the employee of the company. Some other companies have adopted the use of the new application like wattsup and Oracle platforms. As long the platform chosen by the company is delivering the good communication anticipated then it is good to use the said communication platform.

Some f the companies use radios to communicate within the premises of the company or a given radius. Such companies are the one that have different warehouses but communication between one warehouses and the administration is needed at any given particular time. Such companies have only one solution of procuring two way radio and give to each individual in the given important points so that the communication can flow smoothly and business can run without any hitches. The two way radios can also be used if one company have many points of active service like a petroleum Depot where many people are actively in ensuring all the operations of loading a tanker are run smoothly.

The two way radio communication has to be licensed by the government. One cannot have a two way radio communication without the frequency and that’s why it is impossible to have a working two way radio without a license. The government body given this mandate of issuing frequency’s is called the Federal Communication Commission. This body is regulated and governed by the state officer and given the mandate to issues licenses to the vetted companies. The Federal Communication Commission must first check whether indeed the company requesting for frequency is a genuine company and that it is registered and have been given operational license by the National Government or the Local government. Once the Federal Communication Commission has gone all the paperwork of the said company requesting for the two way radio. It goes ahead and assign a frequency to the said company. The given frequency can only be used to the company and not any other company can be able to use the allocated frequency.

The company is asked to register with the Federal Communication Commission and pay for license depending on the number of the two way radios the company is going to be using. Once the company has paid for the license, the Federal Communication Commission issues the company with the certificate showing that the company is legally allowed to use the two way radio in the business premises. The company should make sure that the two way radio are within the given frequency’s for the two way radio to work effectively. The license has an expiry date as set by the Federal Communication Commission. Once the expiry date is over, the two way radio stop communicating to each other and thus makes it hard for a business to run smoothly. The company should be aware of the expiry date and make sure to renew the license before the due date as the business can be grounded before the lisence is renewed.

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